Addressing the Critical Challenges of the Industry 4.0 Era

At FactoryX, we focus on addressing critical challenges faced by industries in the era of Industry 4.0.


Inefficiency Costs

Inefficient production processes leading to low productivity and high operational costs


Data Blindspots

Lack of real-time insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities


Resource Mismanagement

Inability to effectively utilize available resources and optimize production planning


Adaptability Issues

Difficulty in adapting to rapidly changing market demands and customer expectations


Maintenance Hiccups

Struggles with quality control and predictive maintenance, resulting in costly downtime and inefficiencies


Regulatory and Compliance Issues

Struggle to stay compliant with changing standards and regulatory demands, especially in a global market

Our Company

FactoryX: Revolutionizing Manufacturing with AI and Cloud Innovations for the Next Industrial Era

FactoryX, a company founded in 2021, is at the forefront of innovation in SaaS AI- and cloud-based systems, aiming to revolutionize the landscape of Industry 4.0. With a strong focus on enhancing productivity and streamlining operations, FactoryX offers transformative solutions that have the potential to reshape industries.

With the support of the Innovation and Technology Fund and the City University of Hong Kong, FactoryX has made significant strides in the development of an innovative AI scheduling framework tailored specifically for smart factories. This cutting-edge solution represents a key milestone in FactoryX's journey towards transforming the manufacturing landscape.

FactoryX's dedication to innovation is further exemplified by its inclusion in prestigious programs such as Hong Kong's Science and Technology Parks Corporation ideation program and the HKAI Lab in 2023.

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Our Products and Solutions

FactoryX offers a range of AI products and solutions designed to tackle these industry challenges head-on. Our offerings include:

Smart Solutions Spectrum

Empowering Industries with Tailored AI Excellence

From manufacturing to quality control, discover how FactoryX's specialized AI solutions address your unique challenges and amplify operational success.



Optimize production processes, reduce lead times, and enhance efficiency.


Industrial Automation

Streamline workflows, enable intelligent decision-making, and drive efficiency.


Supply Chain Management

Improve inventory management, demand forecasting, and logistics planning.


Quality Control

Automate defect detection, ensure consistent product quality, and reduce waste.

Smart-Powered Advantages

Unlocking Transformative Impact with FactoryX's Smart Solutions

Experience the synergy of AI and cloud as our smart technologies drive business growth, optimize operations, and set new industry benchmarks.

  • Increase productivity and operational efficiency through optimized resource allocation and streamlined processes.
  • Enhance decision-making with real-time insights and predictive analytics, enabling proactive actions.
  • Cost reduction by minimizing downtime, optimizing inventory, and eliminating wasteful practices.
  • Improve product quality and customer satisfaction through advanced quality control and personalized experiences.
  • Adaptability and agility to navigate changing market dynamics, ensuring competitiveness and growth.
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